I love music! My voice can be heard on 5 music projects:

  • 2005-Dreams Reality, “Perspective”
  • 2006-Relationship, “John Howard”
  • 2009-When the Holyghost Moves, “Jerome Green & The Voices of Triumph”
  • 2010-From Clarksdale to Kansas City, “Delta Blues Museum Arts & Education”
  • 2011-The St. Louis Experience, “Church of God in Christ International Mass Choir”

I have also been featured on a few television programs, internet outlets and books:


  • The History Channel-The States Docu-series
  • Bobby Jones Gospel Presents: Live in New Orleans
  • Explore.org
  • StoryCorps.org
  • GospelFlava.com
  • Billboard.com (Introducing Robert Plant! Amazing Experience!)
  • Bluffs and Bayous Magazine (Featured Speaker, Launch of the Americana Music Triangle)
  • TheGospelGuru.com
  • BrothaOnline.com
  • YesLordRadio.com 
  • COGIC.org


  • Let the World Listen Right-The Mississippi Delta Hip Hop Story, by Dr. Ali Neff
  • Simple Truths-What You Don’t Know Can Destroy You, by Dr. Jacqueline D. Golden
  • Supernatural Healing Exists—Did You Get the Memo?, by Dr. Jacqueline D. Golden

Pretty cool, huh?


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